Head-on crash kills 3

The California Highway Patrol announced that a two-car collision in Sutter County caused the deaths of three people and led to serious criminal charges against the surviving driver. Reports indicate that the wreck happened on April 25 around 3:45 p.m. at a point on Highway 113 south of Yuba City.

It appears that a 38-year-old man from Ororville was driving a vehicle northbound when, for reasons unknown, he began to go off the highway. The man seems to have overcorrected the steering in an attempt to regain the roadway, and his vehicle veered into the path of oncoming traffic. It was there that he struck a southbound vehicle head-on. The combined force of their two trajectories flipped the southbound car and set it on fire.

All three of the people inside the burning car lost their lives. The other driver received only minor injuries in the accident. The police suspected the driver of intoxication with either drugs or alcohol, and he has been formally charged with manslaughter and felony DUI.

Fatalities resulting from a motor vehicle accident may take a terrible toll on the families left behind. They may have substantial unexpected expenses, such as burial costs, that they must pay, and they are robbed of the earning power and emotional support that their loved one had provided. They have the right to seek restitution from the person whose malfeasance or illegal action caused the loss of their kin, and an attorney may be able to help them file a wrongful death lawsuit and attempt to compel payment of compensation from the responsible parties.

Source: CBS Sacramento, "3 Killed In Head-On Crash On Highway 113; DUI Suspect Arrested," April 25, 2015

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