Common Myths About PI Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers can help after you have been hurt, but you first must understand the truth behind the many myths about them.

Whether you were hurt by medical malpractice, in a slip and fall, or by any other negligent act, you can file a claim for damages. Many people choose to file a claim on their own, thinking their case is straightforward enough to do so. These people also often fail to work with a lawyer because they believe the common myths about personal injury lawyers. Below we will break down these myths and reveal the truth behind them.

Myth: Personal Injury Lawyers Charge Large Upfront Fees

Too many people believe they simply cannot afford a lawyer. Truthfully, most personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation so they can review a case before deciding whether they want to take it. Once they take the case, they typically work on a contingency fee basis, which means they only get paid if they are successful with the case. With free consultations and a contingency fee basis, accident victims do not pay for anything unless they win their case.

Myth: The Majority of Personal Injury Settlements Go to the Lawyer

California does not place a limitation on how much personal injury lawyers can charge as their contingency fee. Still, in the majority of cases the rate is anywhere between 30% and 50%, so it is never the majority of a settlement. Additionally, lawyers are skilled negotiators and they do it every day. Due to this, working with a lawyer will allow you to recover up to 20 times what you could have recovered on your own, so you will likely come out ahead when you work with a lawyer.

Myth: Personal Injury Lawyers Do Not Take Small Cases

There are times you may be involved in an accident and do not need a lawyer. For example, if you were in a car accident and did not sustain an injury, then you do not need a lawyer. However, if you did become injured in an accident and have experienced pain and suffering, a personal injury lawyer will know that you may deserve compensation and will want to help you get it. Personal injury lawyers know that no two cases are alike and so, they will not compare one case with another. They also rely on word-of-mouth advertising and so, they make every client feel valued and supported.

Myth: Lawyers Draw Out Negotiations to Recover More Money

Settlement negotiations often take time for a number of reasons. The amount of time it takes an accident victim to recover, and an insurer that acts in bad faith are just two of these. Trying to get more money is never a reason settlement negotiations take longer. A lawyer will always negotiate for what a case is worth and will never extend negotiations just to get more money in the settlement.

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