Drivers may want to avoid some California roads

According to the America's Safe Drivers Report 2019, Los Angeles is one of the most dangerous places for a person to drive. The report, which was issued by Allstate, found that the 405 Freeway was among the most dangerous roads in the city. Los Angeles landed at No. 6 overall on the list.

However, LA wasn't the only California city to be included in the top 15 most dangerous for drivers. Oakland, San Francisco and Glendale all made the cut as well. Highway 880 was considered the most dangerous in Oakland, and it was also considered the most dangerous in Hayward, which was number 15 on the list. Highway 101 was the most dangerous in San Francisco. Other cities to make the most dangerous list included Baltimore, Providence and Philadelphia. Baltimore was named the most dangerous city to drive in overall.

The report also listed the 15 cities that were the safest for drivers. Brownsville, Texas, was considered the safest city as the average motorist there could expect to go almost 15 years before getting into a collision. Laredo and McAllen were other cities in Texas that made the safe driving list. Some relatively major cities to make the list included Boise, Scottsdale and Kansas City.

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