Most car accidents are preventable

California residents spend a great deal of time on the state's freeways and local roads. Although driving is second nature for many adults, it's also the single most dangerous activity they engage in. There are thousands of fatal automobile accidents every year in the U.S. To stay safe, it's important that drivers understand the most common causes of car accidents.

Although universally used, the term "car accident" can be somewhat misleading. Accident implies an event that may have occurred due to unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances. While some vehicle crashes are in fact the result of occurrences that could not have been prevented by the drivers involved, insurance analysts report the majority of incidents involving injury and/or property damage on the nation's roadways are caused by the negligent driving.

Far exceeding all other causes, distracted driving leads the list. Distracted driving is any activity that causes the driver to not pay attention to the task at hand. It generally leads to taking hands of the wheel or eyes off the road. Phone use and texting are common modern distractions. Other preventable accident causes are drunk driving and violating laws such as speeding, running red lights, or other forms off reckless driving.

Even when inclement weather is a factor, drivers are charged with the duty of driving safely under the conditions and not presenting a danger to others on the road. If someone has been hurt by a negligent driver, compensation for damages may be warranted. An experienced personal injury lawyer could help a crash victim obtain a fair settlement.

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